Alan Butterworth, Wrexham

 Alan Butterworth, Wales Green Party Candidate for Wrexham

“I joined the Green Party because I wanted to be part of a movement that challenged the existing status quo in Westminster and Cardiff.  A party that represented an alternative to the politics of big business and multi-national corporations and wanted to put the needs of people first.  People have been taken in by the government’s austerity agenda – by a government implementing measures  that Margaret Thatcher only dreamed about.  The nation is sleepwalking into an era when public services will be non-existent and we need to raise awareness before it is too late.

“A recent report from a leading climate scientist concluded that “even a slim chance of keeping below a 2°C rise, now demands a revolution in how we both consume and produce energy” and that this has “profound implications for the framing of contemporary society”.  I think this is the essence of what we stand for and I believe that only the Green Party has the radical agenda to deliver this fundamental shift in the way we organise society. The other parties are merely tinkering on the edges.  Our policies will ensure an affordable and reliable energy supply for householders, commerce and industry with the added advantage of tackling fuel poverty.

“The present Labour administration has seen literacy and numeracy levels in Wales falling against other European countries.  Our education system needs radical reform and we need to involve teachers, parents and pupils themselves in making change.   We need a broader curriculum – one that gives equal value to academic, vocational, creative and practical subjects.

“We need to maintain an effective front-line health service whilst also promoting public health and reducing health inequalities.  Our wider policies, such as transport, will also seek to promote health and well-being.

“The Assembly’s proposals for the mergers of local councils and community councils must be opposed.   Decision making needs to be devolved as locally as possible rather than taking power away from local people and making politics even less accessible.

“We need to maximise our vote in every constituency to ensure that people begin to listen to the Green Party’s message and that we are no longer marginalised and silenced by organisations such as the BBC. A good showing in the constituencies also gives us a real chance of gaining our first Assembly members through the regional list seats.”